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Zen Pet Raw PasteZen Pet Raw Paste

Raw Pet Paste, 5ml or 10ml tube, 10.0 per drop/rice grain  (no admix oil added) 20% concentration 100 ‘rice-grain’ sized drops per 5ml tube (approx) 200 ‘rice-grain’ sized drops per 10ml tube (approx) Organic raw paste, full plant extract from organic material, extracted by super-critical CO2 method leaving no chemical residues. Delivered… 5ml Zen Pet […]

Eco-Friendly Pet Care SetEco-Friendly Pet Care Set

We don’t need more plastics in the World, clogging up landfills,  waterways & oceans, here’s a great idea… Take good care of our best friends! This set consist of a double-sided play shop, a shop keeper, cat tower, tables, feeding bowls, cabinets and pets. Product Dimensions: 6.3″W x 3.0″D x 5.2″H PlanToys are safe and […]

⭐️The Latest Tech⭐️=EverythingIsEnergyForAllLivingThings⚡️🌈⚡️⭐️The Latest Tech⭐️=EverythingIsEnergyForAllLivingThings⚡️🌈⚡️

⚡️⚡️⚡️ENERGENTICS PET⚡️⚡️⚡️ WEARABLE RELIEF FOR PETS  ❤️🐒🦆🦅🐥🦉🐴🐏🐂🐓🦜🐕🐅🐎❤️ AEGEA has developed a safe, natural, and effective “energized’ pet product that may assist in improving your dog, cat and other animal’s well-being, happiness and protection. As your pet gets older they can lose more and more “life energy” due to many factors such as aging, food, the […]